Purchasing a LIFE Bag is the first step to immerse into our world. We want to make a huge impact not only in the lives of children living in poverty but in your LIFE. Every time you carry your bag, you will be reminded of the connection just created.
Our pictures are of the very children that we giveback, too. They will now be a part of you!

Our founder, Sheila, personally delivers backpacks to the community in India where her family is from. She visits the schools to distribute backpacks and connect with the students. Instead of giving back the exact bag you purchase, we have a unique giveback bag that is given to all the students that is ideal for their materials. Our giveback bags are made in India, designed to be durable and convertible, so they can be used as desks.

Our 2019 giveback with Sheila and Tara, visiting the Aglood School, a local village school near the city of Ahmedabad.


While she was in India, Sheila noticed an opportunity to help the homeless dogs. She saw that all the dog all had this similar infection and investigated as to why it occurred. Local vets explained that a simple administration of a shot could help each of the dogs, but no one wants to catch street dogs to physically administer the meds. Sheila was working with local leaders to try to figure out how to administer the meds through food, especially since they don’t eat regularly. However, Covid-19 has made their situation worse as no one wants to to touch each other let alone animals. We are still working to get this program started. Through the sales of our refurbished doggie scarves we hope to get these much needed meds to these animals.
Sheila named this initiative after her own dog, Dante, who is modeling all of the doggie scarves and accessories.

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