Our Founder


Sheila Patel is a serial entrepreneur and experienced lawyer based in Chicago. After graduating with a Bachelors from Pepperdine University and JD from Depaul, she began working in the legal field and started a commercial real estate firm. 

She always knew she wanted to give back to the community of Falu, where her parents are from in India, so she went to the Kellogg School of Management for an Executive MBA focused on non profit management, with plans to start a non profit. 

Children in her town of Falu, India were carrying either plastic bags or no bags at all, to school. 
She realized that she could marry her expertise in business with her passion for giving, and launched a new business in 2018. to help these children.

Her "why" is to give back by focusing on backpacks in order to give children the tools they needed for school.

Sheila goes back to India every year, and finds new and innovative ways to give back to her community and engage with the people we impact.